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Marina & Marine Contractor Insurance

Dockmasters Insurance is Fully Committed to the International Marine Industry Businesses and Community Members

Marinas & Boat Dealers

The scope available to our clients is complete and comprehensive for Marinas and Boat Dealers. Dockmasters Yacht and Marine Insurance represents the top A+ rated carriers in the industry. Dan Zottarelli’s experience as a Dockmaster for 25 years and licensed insurance agent since 1984 understands the specific coverages needed for all marine risks.

Marina owners and boat dealers face a great deal of exposure to potential losses. From the liability of maintaining a marina to potential property damage to a boat dealer’s inventory, the need for comprehensive commercial marina insurance coverage is evident.

Marine Artisan Contractors

Dockmasters Yacht and Marine Insurance has several programs designed to cover marine artisans, which are individuals or small businesses involved in boat maintenance, service and repair. All need marine artisan insurance coverage. 

Typically, they work at the vessels location in marinas or yards owned by others, work on private pleasure or small commercial watercraft and have gross receipts of $500,000 per year or less. Some examples include:

  • Electronics and electrical systems
  • Fiberglass
  • Canvas, sail and upholstery
  • Repair or service engines
  • Detailing or cleaning
  • Carpentry and wood working
  • Painting

The owners of these businesses need three different types of liability coinsurance to cover their exposures.

  1. General Liability protection which will cover them if someone is injured while they are performing their work and provides products and completed operations coverage which covers them for damages that occur as a result the work completed.
  2. Ship Repairers Legal Liability which covers damage that occurs to a customer’s vessel while it’s in the care and custody and control and for which they are legally liability.
  3. Protection and Indemnity Liability covers them if they are operators a customers’ vessel for sea trials or repair.