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Commercial Marine Insurance

Need an expert at navigating the process of managing costs? Our depth of industry experience means we have the know-how to manage your costs and protect your interests. We work closely with you to custom tailor managed marine insurance solutions that keep a sharp eye on cost while providing the coverage you desire. Our success is due to our established legacy relationships with our companies. These relationships with our carriers mean we can deliver of the most competitive products available.

  • Shipyards
  • Marine Contractors
  • Dredging Contractors
  • Tug & Barge Operators
  • Cargo Vessels
  • Ferries
  • Excursion Vessels
  • “Six Pack” Vessels
  • Manufacturers
  • Boat Builders

Vessel used for commercial purposes is not without risks for the owner. Purchasing one of these vessels means you must have an insurance plan that will cover the unique liabilities that come with its operation.

Which liabilities and marine vessels do we have experience with?

Our commercial watercraft insurance covers a number of different liabilities, including collision and vessel pollution. Choosing to insure or exclude both crew and cargo from their watercraft insurance plans is also a possibility.

The diverse cross-section of commercial watercraft we have experience insuring is vast. Whether the vessels are generate a profit or are for research purposes. We can insure any of the following vessels:

  • Blue water hulls
  • Dinner cruise boats
  • Fishing charter boats
  • Tug and barge fleets
  • Work boats

You rely on these commercial vessels, and the bottom line is you need quality insurance to protect these assets and your operations. With coverage provided by Dockmasters, you’ll be able to remain focused on the day-to-day concerns surrounding your business with the peace of mind that your investments and personnel are protected.